Thursday, March 17, 2011

Variations on a Sun Salute

So I've been playing with this idea in my head of inviting the Rome community to participate in a welcome the New Year (2012) 108 sun salute practice. I really would like to have more of my students explore to this level.  But to accomplish this I need to teach them how this works.  Therefore I think I want to do a quarter of a 108 practice a quarter of the way through this year and give the donations to charity, half of it halfway through the year, three quarters at the three quarter year mark, leading to the culminating activity of the full 108 just after the New Year.

Even the quarter sun salute practice requires teaching though...

So today I began in earnest...

My morning private, lead by me did one round (10 sun sal A and 5 sun sal B).  I need to do this with them so they can get the idea of the integration of the breath and the body movements.  During this morning practice I began thinking about Japan and all the suffering going on there, and how the Sun Sal B has always represented suffering to me.  I started to think that over the next weeks I need to be practicing more sun sal Bs to help me understand on some level what is going on in the minds of the Japanese.  I know it will be a tiny tiny bit of suffering compared to what is going on there now, but I have to do something.  Its too soon to sponsor a 108 practice sending the proceeds to Japan, it will be nice when we get to that point.  My student reflected back to me their experience with this, which is mine as well, that the monkey brain shuts off and the minds stops wondering.  Its nice to have the world stop for a while.  Obviously today I didn't think about my own problems, but I was thinking.  15 isn't that many to me.

My evening adult group class did 10 sun sal A and really noticed how this effected their bodies, again reflecting back to my my own experience within my body.  Shoulders hurt, hands hurt, all this knowledge is good to have before doing the 108.  Between these two class the mind and body connection is there.

My evening private did 15 more (now I'm up to 40 on the day).  It was very meditative and the energy is always wonderful in this class, lots of focus on the breath.  I found my mind playing music, singing the Faure' Requiem Offertoire, which I will be singing in a concert in the next few weeks.  I found myself exploring this as a possible practice method; could practicing yoga while listening to music I am preparing for performance aid in my preparation?  This is a subject I need to explore further.

So a day of sun salutes and the incorporation of the body, mind and

Namaste' have a great day!


  1. Great thoughts. I fought with my will practicing the day we did 108 back in January. It sounds like a great journey. I hope to ride along :)

  2. I hope you will help me lead in January!

  3. two came for the 27 in April...I guess its a start