Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yesterday I lead 108 sun salutes to welcome in the new year.  Although not the first time I have done this, it was the first time I have lead a group. 

The first time was after a peer past away.  We were both in training to become yoga teachers under the guidance of the same teacher.  We had been each other's students throughout this process.  And we complemented each other well.  She was great with adjustments and I with beginner class instruction.  I miss her.

My format for doing the 108 that I use is 10 sun salute A then 5 Sun salute B, completing one set.  This is repeated 7 times and closes with 3 addition sun salute A.  The sun salute B during this practice in the past has represented for me suffering and how its patterns are repeated and how good it feels to be in a place of no suffering.  But this experience was deepened as I lead instead of followed.  I had no co-leader, I was alone, I had to face the suffering and continue when others could take a break; I had no place of no suffering to go to.  Instead of just the Sun salute B being suffering the entire practice became an act of suffering.  Strangely though it also was an act of service and for some reason (perhaps I left my body) it was not hard.  I was suffering but not to the point of wanting to give up or stop....I just kept plowing on through the pain.  Much like I do in life.

I did take time afterwards to care for myself.  I got a hand massage, ate, took a nap, and showered.  We all need to take the time to take care of ourselves and not forget or become selfless, especially when faced with suffering.

Here is more on the number 108:

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