Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today is the 10th Anniversary of 9/11...

As I began my meditation this morning I set my intension on only being positive today and not offering anything negative up to the unity consciousness of the world. (For me the full moon happening on the 12th makes positive energy even harder to access).

As I sat I began to follow the guided breathing that I use to begin most of my classes, breathe in what you need and breathe out what no longer serves you.  I found myself listing so many things I need but the basic inhalation was one of love and the exhales began as one of hate but quickly moved to a more neutral thought. 
As I was doing this I reflected back to my childhood when my mother tried to teach me to pray and she would suggest things I should pray for.  But all I could think was if God knows all then my prayers are all ready know and why do I have to say or think them?  Already a mediator at the age of 5!  So I would sit there.  
As an adult clearing my thoughts is sometimes a struggle.  Today it suddenly dawned on me that this is not a bad thing, this is the next level. Prayer should be mindful thought.  Prayer is not a subconscious automatic activity or a recitation, although these are great steps along the way.  Prayer, at least for me at this time, needs to be a practice of mindfulness of thoughts.  Be totally conscious and in the moment with everything we are saying.  Not asking for change but asking for acceptance in a very intentional, mindful way.  To me this is a deeper thought, for you maybe it is automatic.  It feels enlightening.  So as I breathe in I mindfully think about love and all the manifestations of love (to me) in the world, and as I breathe out I lovingly offer up the things that no longer serve me graciously, and mindfully, thanking them for their service to me and offering them up to their next use in the universe.
Namaste' have a great day

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